Saturday, November 28, 2015

Italian winter wishlist

The cold, the rain and the wind say it all: it is official winter time. The long, hazy days of summer are behind us and we are set to spend the next few months battling the elements on the way to work, shivering as we shop and cheered only by the thought of Christmas coming up in only a month’s time. Thank heavens for the array of amazing winter styles that are available for us to invest in; if anything’s going to get us through the dark, murky winter days it’ll be looking and feeling fabulous thanks to our statement clothing choices. This season, the A/W 2015 runways were full of covetable looks, uplifting pieces and popping accessories that are perfect for dispelling the gloom of dark winter days. Italian designers, in particular, offered a plethora of luxurious styles that we are looking to emulate this season. We have come to expect refined pieces from the runways of Milan, which look to embrace femininity and sophistication with clean lines, natural silhouettes and sumptuous textures. Here are the three Italian pieces we’re craving this winter:

 Prada suit

Suits may not be a standard everyday look but if we were ever to invest in a polished suit for work or for an alternative evening look (see Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse), we’d make sure we’d head to Prada. This season, Miuccia Prada created a series of suits in a variety of rich hues that had soft rounded forms. Gone were the power-suits of old, and in their place were pieces that still had structural integrity but lacking the severity of harsh shoulder pads and sharp lapels. Combining both double-breasted and single-breasted designs and decorated with heirloom jewellery and brooches, these suits are perfectly adapted for the modern woman who wants to make an impact but wants to be completely comfortable and colour-complemented as she does so.

Gucci beret

We know, we know: berets are traditionally a French accessory. But this season at Gucci, under the new creative directorship of Alessandro Michele, berets came right to the forefront. Anyone who has seen Julia Roberts’ performance in Mona Lisa Smile will understand the effect a good beret has in helping to create a relaxed, understated but ridiculously chic look. In popping red and luxurious teal, the berets at Gucci will complement any ensemble, giving your look an element of old-school sophistication and bookish charm. Plus, they’ll successfully protect your hair from any squally wintry words that will inevitably try and ruin your hair.

Dolce and Gabbana roses

Combining elegant feminine cuts with printed or embellished flora and fauna is a sure-fire way lift spirits during winter. Dolce and Gabbana did just that with a selection of dresses, tops and skirts that sported luxurious red roses. Their collection took inspiration from their mothers, and so they sought to recreate their classic bella donna style by using this romantic flower in a variety of forms and on a variety of backgrounds. Shop similar styles at Dolce and Gabbana’s roses were a big hit with the likes of Diane Kruger and Helen Mirren who both made an amorous statement with the help of this Italian pair. Uplifting, feminine and glamorous, Dolce and Gabbana’s rose collections will lend your look a rich and empowering feel, proving that florals and winter can go together hand in hand.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Day

Untitled #69

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So many dresses and nothing to wear?!... been there, done that!

Se há situação que me dá “stress” é preparar e decidir o que vestir para uma festa de gala ou para um casamento. Desde decidir que comprimento do vestido usar até ao mais pequeno detalhe de acessórios….TUDO me dá um stress desgraçado. Até que tenha tudinho decidido sinto um fardo em cima que me tira a paz de espirito. Não sei porquê de me sentir assim, mas a verdade é que até chegar o dia da festa, ir a um evento desta natureza é uma enorme chatice! Depois claro assim que a festa começa tudo passa e como qualquer outro convidado divirto-me…à grande!

De entre as várias preocupações quando estamos a escolher o que levar, o fantasma mais “típico” é o de aparecer alguém com um vestido igual ao teu :O (pânico!) eheheh. Na verdade, vendo da perspetiva otimista, ok encontraste alguém com bom gosto como tu, mas…na verdade todas dispensamos tal “coincidência”! Portanto, quando estamos a pensar no que levar vestido começamos por riscar da lista ZARA’s, MANGO’s etc…especialmente da temporada atual. Arriscar nalguma destas marcas só se for algo de uma qualquer estação bem anterior, mas depois há a questão de já estar “fora de moda” (exceto se se tratar de algo com corte intemporal, mas lá está, se assim for o mais certo é ter um corte demasiado clássico para o que pretendemos).

E por fim!!...o top dos tops…quando queres comprar efetivamente um vestido, corres um shopping inteiro e NADA de jeito! Se for preciso passas o ano a esbarrar com lindos vestidos esvoaçantes que adoras mas pensas “não tenho casamentos este ano” ou “raramente vou a festas”, ou “não vou estar a gastar isto tudo para uma situação que não sei se vai acontecer” e ainda “eu sei lá se depois me vai apetecer levar isto vestido”… Quando precisas de comprar?... NADAAAA…um drama como sempre :D

Há uns dias apresentaram-me a Aisle Style. Depois de uma volta atenta à loja fiquei agradavelmente satisfeita com os excelentes feedbacks que encontrei e não menos importante, com os preços! Vestidos lindíssimos que não custam fortunas!

Deixo-vos aqui os meus preferidos para várias ocasiões.

Going to a fancy party or even a weeding and have to decide what to wear always give stress. Decide which length of the dress, decide the shoes, decide the accessories...EVERYTHING give me such stressful moments! Until I have everything decided and clear in my head I feel like I carry a burden in my back! But in the end, when the party starts everything "goes away" and I enter mode party on.

One of the most common "problems" on deciding what to wear is crashing up with someone with a dress just like yours (PANIC!). In an optimistic point of view, oh well someone has a good sense of style just like yours, but...we all prefer not to experience that "coincidence". And so when we are deciding what to choose we start to leave behind Zara's and MANGO's and any other fast fashion brands. Unless is something from a far season, but or it will be out of fashion or being so in temporal probably will to classic. And who wants classic to party?!

And in the end, the top of top's issue...when you need to buy a dress, you run an entire mall without liking a single dress...that's right... You spend the year not buying that fantastic dress you saw somewhere because you had no party on you agenda and then when you have you can't find a single dress you like.

And here you have! All your problems solved! Some days ago I got to know Aisle Style and I had to share you guys! After a careful "tour" around www feedbacks for this store I was very satisfied with it! Pretty nice dresses at and very affordable prices. All feedbacks about quality are great and that is, for me, the most important when online shopping!

I chosed some of my favorites. Hope you love them too:

This is a sponsored post, all image selection, comments, content and opinions are honest and only mine.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

The one million dollar question...(sort of!!)

You remember me getting a 30% discount on some Adidas Superstar right?

Well it was as far as mid August! And 8 days ago (weeks and weeks of waiting) they say that Adidas could not answer to so many orders for that shoe model, and they were official and completely out of stock in Portugal... REALLY??? After all this time? You just give the money back and did not even contact me explaining why? (I just noticed some extra credit on bank account and then contacted them).

I got really....REALLY pissed off about it...

But, it is what it is and so I move on...and found...oh yes!!

Drums please! :D

A store WITH Adidas Superstar that still have small sizes!!! Yayyyyyyyy yes! If you were as desperate as me searching for a store who still have them (in size under EU42!! LOL)...stay tuned on this post!

And the best part??? (Yes there is an EVEN better part...) They are SO MUCH cheaper than any other place I found before. They cost only €63,50 plus shipping! Isn't this awesome?!

If you are looking where you can buy Adidas Supertar you can stop now! You can found them on Footasylum! Based on UK.

Of course I did not think twice and ordered my UK3 as fast as speed light!

They did not arrive yet, but if I love them has I image... Santa already have the message:

Such cuties!! 

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Just because...

...I'm not just a shoe lover... 

Shoes are definitely the key to my heart! But I'm running out of space for shoes. My shoe closet is full (obviously only until I find some other heels I fall for!!) and so my mind started to surf trough....THE HANDBAGS! Oh dear, the last 2 years I've been loading it with tons of handbags. The last "craziness" you read about it here. I did not had the "courage" to use it yet...she is sooooo damn perfect! ahahah I'm such a foolish girl sometimes!

Today I felt for these two from Zara.

I love them! Both totally on the budget. The first is so classy! And the second is the perfect alldayalongwitheverything kind of bag.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


You remember my post about Stan Smith? Oh well... I was deeply in undecided about Stan Smith and Superstar... But the "money" spoke louder and since I could buy "kid's" version of the Stan Smith, which was much more cheaper, I decided for them. 

But then, wile I was about to buy them, I got an offer of an online shop of 30% on the Superstar model... and so my mind flipped a couple of times, the discount was available only that one day and I had to decide fast! 

So, running the risk of changing my mind in the future, I decided to go for the Superstar because later I was "mentally" prepared for the price of the Stan Smith rather for the Superstar. I would never spend the regular price of the Superstar on some sneakers! 

I can't wait the get my hands on mine! (I mean...feet!)

 And you? Which ones did you go for? :)

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I'm back!...Again... my "old" pants and jeans!! \o/

I'm so proud of me!! I'm only 3kg away from my pre-pregnant weight in 3 months! (reminding I gained almost 20kg!! :O Oh yes... It was that bad!)

Now it's time to start workout the belly with more intensity! 

That was the main motive I was away... Being "out of fit" really takes me down!! But now that I'm almost "there" I had to share with you all :)

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Das coisas que primeiro se estranham...

...e depois se entranham ♥

Na sequência de uma conversa com uma amiga lembrei-me de vos escrever um post sobre os Stan Smith.

Eu não sou moça de ténis...como muitas de vós já sabem. Para me encantar só de 6cm para cima :) Mas a verdade é que com o tempo, esta "moda" foi se alojando.

Não gosto de os ver em 70% das vezes que os vejo pela internet a fora, mas há um pequena percentagem capaz de me fazer desejar ter uns.

Following a conversation with a friend, it came out the idea about posting about Stan Smith.

I'm not a big fond of sneakers (in general) has you all know. To catch my eye only 6cm and above :) But the truth is that this "trend" entered my heart trough time.

70% of the outfits with them I just don't like them...but sometimes I just don't just like it, I love it! Meaning: I want ones for me too!

Sem dúvida que a combinação mais perfeita para mim é com a ripped boyfriend jeans, ou até com umas ripped skinny jeans.

Há diversas alterações ao modelo clássico, mas para mim a graça está mesmo no modelo clássico.

Ficam aqui algumas sugestões para os combinar.

I absolutely think the best of the combinations with them are with ripped boyfriend jeans or even with skinny ripped jeans.

Has you know there are several versions of the classic model, but for me I'll with the classic model.

Here I leave you with some outfit suggestions to use them.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Outnet

Mais uma vez é nos saldos da The Outnet que me perco (assim à séria!)... Se da outra vez não pude deixar de aproveitar a oportunidade de encomendar estes sapatinhos a um preço fantástico, desta vez foi algo que ando de olho há algum tempo :)

O namoro com as malas Michael Kors já vai longo! Mas como até simpatizo com vários modelos e cores, sempre achei que seria algo que valeria a pena ser paciente e que quando fosse altura de ter uma ela havia de me aparecer em forma de saldos :D 

E assim foi. Dei-lhe vários dias (semanas até) a ver se esgotava... porque este tipo de valores também não é para gastar assim de impulso e ainda por cima não se tratava de uma cor básica, que não me pudesse arrepender mais tarde.

Mas os tons rosa são, sempre foram, a minha perdição! E claro, esta oportunidade era para ser aproveitada! :D
Como se costuma dizer...acho que vamos ser muito felizes juntas! :D

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sales season have begun!

Como sempre os saldos da Zara começam bem devagar, mas aproveitei para comprar umas coisas que andava a namorar (excepto o macacão que comprei esta noite pelo telemóvel e não reparei que tem 2 bolsos a frente -.- ou seja algo que embirro seja em partes de cima ou calças, pelo que só quando chegar poderei decidir se fico com ele ou não!). 

Aproveitei também para dar um olhinho nos saldos da Blanco. Não é loja que costume comprar em época normal, pois a qualidade dos materiais é muitas vezes estranha e principalmente não vale o valor que as vezes pedem. Mas nestas alturas aproveito para comprar umas coisas que acabam por ficar com preços interessantes.

As always Zara sales started slowly, but I got some items that had catch my eye some time ago (except the jumpsuit, that I bought trough my mobile and only today I realized it has a detail I usually hate...from pockets! Anyway, as soon as it arrives I will decide if I keep it or not).

Also gave Blanco sales a chance. It's not a store that is on my "list" but when it come to sales season you can find some affordable pieces.

Zara Jumpsuit

Zara Leopard Flat Sandals

Zara Loose T-shirt

Blanco Shirt

Blanco Shirt

Blanco Loose Knit

Blanco Loose Knit

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The reason of by absence ♥

Pois é....foi por ter de tratar dos preparativos para receber a nossa piolha (e a cuidar dela depois de nascer!) que tenho andado ausente :) Sem no entanto me esquecer este cantinho que tanto adoro e que tantas saudades me dá quando razões mais fortes me afastam dele.

Aos poucos estarei de volta assim que tudo for normalizando por aqui!

The reason of my absence here on the blog :) Although I never forgot this little spot that is so close to my heart that always makes me miss it even when greatest reasons need my dedication.

Slowly I intend to be back as soon has I can considering the new house routines!

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

(What do you ) Standfor?

No meio de tantos meios de comunicação/informação, no meio de tanta (as vezes demais!) informação que nos chega a toda a hora (literalmente!) as vezes perdemo-nos um pouco... perdemos aquela força que nos faz elevar a voz pelos ideais e valores que defendemos e acreditamos. Ás vezes deixamo-nos levar pelo sentimento avassalador que é o de nos parecer que somos tão pequenos!! Mas não somos! E se todos nós lutarmos nem que seja por um dos valores que acreditamos, juntando a todos os que tal como nós acham que "são só 1" vamos perceber que afinal até somos muitos!

Acreditar! Sempre, até ao fim! Nós fazemos sempre a diferença! Sempre :)

E se pudéssemos calçar e "passear" aquilo em que acreditamos e/ou defendemos? Era genial! 

A STANDFOR Iniciative (como o próprio nome em inglês nos diz - fazer frente a; lutar por; etc...) veio trazer esse conceito ao mercado do calçado.

Já não basta "estar na moda",  usar algo que é "de marca" não preenche muita gente, a Standfor pretende antes demais evidenciar atitudes! E eu sendo uma doida por sapatos (exactamente pelo peso que acho que o calçado tem na nossa imagem) adorei este conceito de "passear" um ideal nos pés :)

A sua primeira colecção, a SMOKE LESS, que conforme o próprio nome indica promove a ideia de lutarmos por um planeta mais saudavel. Vai estar disponível apenas a partir do dia 20 de Abril, mas vocês vão poder encomendar mais cedo :) Para poderem usufruir dessa oportunidade basta clicar aqui e encomendar. A parte melhor? Os portes estao incluídos para qualquer parte do mundo!

O tema desta primeira colecção é... óbvio! O desejo de um mundo mais limpo, com menos fumo!

No inicio, apesar de ADORAR o conceito, fiquei um pouco "de pé atrás"...e quando virem a colecção, e já me conhecendo.....percebem logo! Sapatos rasos! Pois é...acho que é o primeiro post que faço sobre sapatos deste género! Mas a verdade é que se fiquei encantada com o conceito, todas as minhas dúvidas sobre se gostaria de me ver com os pés nuns sapatos deste genero ficou esclarecida quando me apaixonei por estes LINDÕES:

Everyday we are flooded with information every hour and every minute, sometimes we get the feeling that maybe we are really "small". That we are "just" one...and have doubts about the point on making ourselves heard.

But as you THINK you are "just" one, probably there are many more "just" one's that feel and think just the way you do! So, even if you feel you are on your own, do your thing! And probably you will find out there are many more that are with you!

And what if you could "talk your walk" :) It would be genius right?!

There is a new brand that brings exactly that concept to the market. STANDFOR Iniciative

Their first collection - SMOKE LESS - as it's says, shows the will of making the planet a healthier place to live. Not only against the negative effects on smokers themselves but also everyone around them. It will be available worldwide only after 20th April but you can get your pair first! Just follow this link and grab this opportunity to be the first to have them! The good news: worldwide shipping is included in the shoes price!

Despite the fact of falling in love with their concept, I was a bit doubtful about my own "will" of walking on this style of shoes! (some of you already know me...) But them I put my eyes on the BREATHE model, and my heart said YES! :) These were the ones that made me look with another view to the entire collection:

Todo o design super original... e este padrão....é lindo! Faz-me inspirar fundo só de olhar para ele :) ou não se chamassem eles BREATHE!

O detalhe da sola, o detalhe de os atacadores não irem até cima, que dá para usar meio abertos sem parecer que estamos a perder os atacadores pelo caminho. Têm o "defeito" de ser brancos...sei que nos meus pés duravam muito pouco tempo com este ar tão "limpinho" mas foram realmente estes que me fizeram gostar mesmo desta marca :) E olhar para toda a colecção com outros olhos.

Deixo-vos algumas fotos (retiradas da página de Facebook da Standfor) do evento de apresentação que aconteceu em Março.

The entire design is very original... and this pattern... its gorgeous! It makes me breath deeply just for looking at them :) which is funny because they are actually named BREATHE!

The sole detail, the laces that don't go all up the ankle, allows to use them in a very casual way without looking silly. They have the "problem" of being white...I know that in my feet they would lose that "dreamy" look soon soon, but it were them that made me look with another "view" for the entire collection.

I leave you with some photos (taken from their Facebook page) of the reception they did for presentation of the brand and concept.

Como a própria marca se define resume bem o seu conceito.

How the brand defines itself says it all about their concept.

"Shoes for people who walk for a reason. Who stand for an idea and believe in the power to make the world a better place. Talk Your Walk." 

ADORO! Nao se esqueçam de passar na página de Facebook deles - Standfor

Não há que enganar... just STANDFOR IT!

LOVE IT! Don't forget to follow them on Facebook - Standfor

You can't go wrong... just STANDFOR IT!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

(Some of) New In

E ainda umas coisinhas da Parfois...mas o site da Parfois não deixa tirar as fotos a bem e perdi a paciência...nem sequer dá para salvar para o Polyvore! Enfim problema deles :)

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Monday, January 26, 2015

My Day

Untitled #68

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