Monday, January 26, 2015

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Are you getting married?

If yes, you are already experiencing the pressure of one of the biggest DECISIONS (or at least it is what you feel) you will ever have to make ...Finding the perfect dress for you! And...with a budget!

When I got married I was far from imagining that we could find such beautiful (an pretty affordable!) wedding dresses online!

After visiting Topswedding shop I was amazed with the quality and beautiful models I could get with less than €150 (aprox. 200USD).

They have all the several models (A-line, Ball, etc...), that you should choose according to your body shape and preferences. One of my favorite, and also one of the most flattering one, is the Sheath Wedding Dresses. If you follow this link - you can find all the models they designed for Sheath Wedding Dresses

As long as you pick they perfect dress for you you will look stunning on any of these dresses

And of course, I made a short selection of my favorites. Hope you like them! I was completely in love specially with the Romantic champagne sweetheart sheath wedding dresses with delicate beaded and applique skirt, the 3rd one:

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

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Sales...and they keep comin'... and they keep comin'...

Zara knit

Zara boots

Asos striped heels

Nordstrom Rack Tesori Edie suede pump

Nordstrom Rack Joe's Jeans Baylee d'orsay pumps

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Hair extensions...why not?

When I made my ombre hair, I was pretty disappointed, because the lighter parts were really dry and feel like paper. I was done with them really fast! But had to wait some months before I could "get them of" without getting a "boy" cut!

So now, despite not having a "boy cut" is quite short anyway... everytime I look at old photos of my big and wavy hair I almost let a tear drop! God I miss my long hair!

And another issue is that, with age, is not so dense has it was in the past. That part is actually the hardest part of getting old! Even more than wrinkles!

So after digging on the internet, I realized that hair extensions market is quite developed! I was amazed with the tutorials and online shops there are!

One that I found really interesting was CCHairextensions. They have such a huge offer, and they quality looks really good! Their cheap real hair extensions look great! They have videos in the items description, lot's of detailed information on how to applique them. I found it really pleasing to visit! (and shop!) And you can find great reviews on their Facebook fan page. Which is very meaningful when looking for quality shops.

Despite the HUGE offer they have in sizes and colors, the ones that I found interesting are the hair weave extensions, that seem perfect for girls who have a special talent for DIY but specially the micro loop hair extensions which look much more versatile to adapt to your real hair and needs.

I am really thinking on getting some of a lighter tone than my own and make a kind of homemade ombre hair! Sounds like a great idea although I have to search a bit more about this.

These are my favorite colors:

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

Don't forget to visit their Youtube channel. They have pretty cool videos!

I'm stunned on how they look really really great on those girls!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015 we go again!

For the ones that are familiar with my "thing" with leopard shoes, here it is another post! :)

Remember my last post about them? Well, let me tell you that I've been pretty happy with them! Dune really have great shoes.

But as you know, one pair of leopard heels are not enough! So I had been trying to "catch" the perfect ankle leopard boots!

It's has not been easy to find great and affordable ankle knee leopard boots. But I finaly end up finding them (or them finding me!)

Once again, John Lewis "saved my life" for £56.50 (£7.50 is shipping). I know, £49.00 is not that quite what we call a cheap pair of shoes...but they are Dune (again!) and I really REALLY love Dune leopard pattern. 

Here they are. I wished they had not that black trim, but they were all that I wanted and I think they will end up getting really great with the ideas I have on how to wear them.
You can find them here.

But I leave you with other alternatives for cheaper models, and for leopard pumps too.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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The return...

Cá estou de volta...finalmente!

O último ano foi...longo! Mas cá estou, definitivamente, de volta. Adoro este cantinho!

E para celebrar, que até me portei bem neste saldos, não resisto a partilhar convosco 2 pechinchas de última hora ;)

Here I am again...finally!!

It's been some hard times but I'm definitely back. Just love this!

And to celebrate, and considering that I even behave this sales season, I have to share with you these 2 bargains I found today ;)

Este último foi mesmo um extra já que já tinha comprado este:

This last one was really an extra because I've already bought this one:

Da Zara - From Zara

Mas vendo bem são TOTALMENTE diferentes... certo? :P

But let's see it...they are TOTALY diferent... right?? :P

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