Monday, January 26, 2015

Hair extensions...why not?

When I made my ombre hair, I was pretty disappointed, because the lighter parts were really dry and feel like paper. I was done with them really fast! But had to wait some months before I could "get them of" without getting a "boy" cut!

So now, despite not having a "boy cut" is quite short anyway... everytime I look at old photos of my big and wavy hair I almost let a tear drop! God I miss my long hair!

And another issue is that, with age, is not so dense has it was in the past. That part is actually the hardest part of getting old! Even more than wrinkles!

So after digging on the internet, I realized that hair extensions market is quite developed! I was amazed with the tutorials and online shops there are!

One that I found really interesting was CCHairextensions. They have such a huge offer, and they quality looks really good! Their cheap real hair extensions look great! They have videos in the items description, lot's of detailed information on how to applique them. I found it really pleasing to visit! (and shop!) And you can find great reviews on their Facebook fan page. Which is very meaningful when looking for quality shops.

Despite the HUGE offer they have in sizes and colors, the ones that I found interesting are the hair weave extensions, that seem perfect for girls who have a special talent for DIY but specially the micro loop hair extensions which look much more versatile to adapt to your real hair and needs.

I am really thinking on getting some of a lighter tone than my own and make a kind of homemade ombre hair! Sounds like a great idea although I have to search a bit more about this.

These are my favorite colors:

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

For more info click here or click on the image!

Don't forget to visit their Youtube channel. They have pretty cool videos!

I'm stunned on how they look really really great on those girls!

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  1. Vou espreitar o canal deles, eu adorava ter umas, confesso :p
    Adorei o teu cantinho por aqui minha querida e já estou a seguir :) Adorava ter uma visita tua no meu blog também, um beijinho *

    1. Obrigada! Vou sim! Beijinho volta sempre :*