Monday, November 2, 2015

The one million dollar question...(sort of!!)

You remember me getting a 30% discount on some Adidas Superstar right?

Well it was as far as mid August! And 8 days ago (weeks and weeks of waiting) they say that Adidas could not answer to so many orders for that shoe model, and they were official and completely out of stock in Portugal... REALLY??? After all this time? You just give the money back and did not even contact me explaining why? (I just noticed some extra credit on bank account and then contacted them).

I got really....REALLY pissed off about it...

But, it is what it is and so I move on...and found...oh yes!!

Drums please! :D

A store WITH Adidas Superstar that still have small sizes!!! Yayyyyyyyy yes! If you were as desperate as me searching for a store who still have them (in size under EU42!! LOL)...stay tuned on this post!

And the best part??? (Yes there is an EVEN better part...) They are SO MUCH cheaper than any other place I found before. They cost only €63,50 plus shipping! Isn't this awesome?!

If you are looking where you can buy Adidas Supertar you can stop now! You can found them on Footasylum! Based on UK.

Of course I did not think twice and ordered my UK3 as fast as speed light!

They did not arrive yet, but if I love them has I image... Santa already have the message:

Such cuties!! 

♥ kiss


  1. Gosto gosto gosto!! Vou já espreitar os site!
    Eu ando uma viciada em adidas!!! Já estou a pensar somar o 3º par :p
    Elas que cheguem e esquece a chatice ;)

  2. These look beautiful, I'm definitely looking out to eat better and exercise more at the moment! I think these would inspire anyone too xD xx

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