Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Oh ROMWE, baby loveeeeeee

Já por aqui escrevi como gosto da ROMWE. Apesar de ser "chinoca" vai sempre surpreendendo com modelo diferentes (e que estou certa que são copiados por OUTROS chinocas!!!) mas pronto, faz parte!

Embeicei-me por estas blusas! Que delicia! E super baratas!

I've written about how I love ROMWE. Despite being "chinese" store, it always has different models (and I believe they are themselves copied by OTHER chinese!!) but whatever, what are they gonna do!?

I felt for these 2 shirts! OMG they are gorgeous! And super cheap! :D


 Blue Striped Criss Cross Back Ruffle Blouse

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H&M as it!!

And I love it!! :D

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Monday, September 19, 2016

My Day

Untitled #70

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pleats pleats please!

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

Midi skirts, A-line skirts, pleated skirts....whatever you want to name them...are lovely!

Of course if you are Blair's style (from Atlantic Pacific) fan like I am, you know what I mean :)

After some search, I made a selection of my favorites. Hope you love them as much as I did ;)

Black Striped Knee Length Skirt
Click on the image for more info
White Floral Pleated Skirt
Click on the image for more info

Grey High Waist Pleated Skirt
Click on the image for more info

Black Flare Pleated Midi Skirt
Click on the image for more info

White High Waist Geometric Print Flare Skirt
Click on the image for more info

White High Waist Eyelet Skirt
Click on the image for more info

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Forever 21 Europe...SALES!

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

Unfortunately, personally, I can't take that offer of 40% because is only valid too USA :(

BUT European site has free shipping! (and for what I could see has better discount on sales items...)

These where my choices. Can't wait to get them! 3 knit sweaters, a striped long sleeve and a cute top for just €35! Really nice!

One of the sweaters (the first one here) I already have in 4 colors and lucky me the color that was still available was the one I did not have, light blue. This might sound crazy but they are really nice and really cheap! I love them all. I have the feeling that since I have them I haven't whore any other knits! ahahah 

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sales sales sales... Forever (21) sales!

I was already off with sales season. But then... Forever 21 gives another 40% and so I could not resist to take a peek!!! OMG I'm such a sucker for bargains! :D 

These were my choices! Hope you like them ;)

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Extension your attention!

Don't you just looooooove celebrity hair? They always look fantastic and long and sexy?

And then when you think "I want to let my hair grow" you end up having to cut it way before it gets "longer" and month after month you never get to that gorgeous long good looking hair.

I feel the same way too. I wait... then the hair starts to loose properties and I have to cut it. It gets shorter, then I wait again...and so on.

But the secret of many is pretty extensions! As simple as that. I grabed some examples on the internet.

CRAZYYYYY right?!!! :D

Then I met hair weave extensions! They are all made of human hair. The quality is carefully certified. Really nice actually.

These were my favorites, the ones I might try out someday ;)

You can find all their human hair weave selection here.

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

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When you go Dream can't go back!

I have to admit...after taking into consideration buying a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini it's really hard to stop daydreaming with all those dream items on the dream wishlist.

Suddenly, they start to look "possible" that changes EVERYTHING.

In the next minute, I wish I could tranforma 10 of my Zara heels into 1 pair of Valentino's...and then in the next minute I don't! ahah women!

But yes, Valentino's Rockstud is peeking on my next wishlist "to do".

Of course I felt right away for the blush pink I saw in MyTheresa

But then, wile surfing at I found these! And now my heart is divided! :D
Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM
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