Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vanity Decor

One of my latest worries is how to decor my future dressing table / vanity HEMNES from IKEA. Although I want it beautiful, I want it very practical too. Organizing makeup making it easy to use and at the same time don't have that messy look it's not an easy task!

Here you have some of the images that inspired me the most, on how to organize a beautiful dressing table without looking clumsy. 

I decided for one medium size like this one under. I bought it trough Wish selling platform.

By the way, does anyone know where can I find a stool/bench like this one?

♥ kiss

SheIn is rockin'!

Ordering from SheIn is not a first for me. A wile ago I've ordered this loooovely cardigan. I was really happy when I got it. It's soft, comfy and SUPER stylish! No matter how simple your outfit may be, you add it and it gives a really nice up to the look. I love it and wear it a lot since then, and it stills look good, so considering the time that has passed since I bought it the quality truly worth the price. It was one of those good surprises.

You can still find the coat here - and now you have it in burgundy which I also love it! It fits better if you are small size.

And they are doing a bunch of "Round up's" of season promotions that really worth it! I'm considering to use them myself :D

Here you have the codes:

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to keep inspired!

Blogging is not my main activity. It´s a hobby that I take very seriously! I never thought about it but with time, money and proposals came in, and some of them I could not say no! And so, blogging despite being mainly my hobby, is a place where I get some income just for doing one of the things I love the most: writing and sharing my opinions, ideas, suggestions and so on.

I've been blogging for quite some time and all these years I never had an "office" or nothing comparable. But now I set a place at my living room with a beautiful white desk/table (IKEA's BESTA BURS). It's not close to the wall so I'll have to keep dreaming with inspirational boards, but has the advantage to keep up with what my family is doing because I'm not facing a wall, I'm always looking after my baby or talking with my dear husband wile I work.

But either way, It has it's own decor details and for that I usually navigate through the internet looking for inspiring photos of work spaces.

Here are some of those that inspired me the most. My favorites are, of course, the ones that result from IKEA hacks! I love IKEA hacks and remodeling old furniture or use stuff that were made for one end that turn out with a totally different application that give awesome organizing elements (will make a post about that later. I can't wait to show my IKEA hacks and "closet" organization).

♥ kiss

Let's start the new season...

...with the first wishlist of the year!! :D

I MUST absolutely get these...

Bershka White Front Draped Shirt/Blouse - REF 0705/336

Bershka Flower Front Draped Shirt/Blouse - REF 0705/966

Zara Pink Flats - REF. 1344/101

Zara Pink Handbag - REF. 4540/104

Stradivarius Pink Bomber - REF. 08099276

You know...I NEED this! :D

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oh oh! Boho dresses!

I love dresses! They so easy to match up! Although is not my first choice in the winter, love them in the spring and autumn.  And who is not already thinking about next spring season?!!! I'm am!

Just got a bundle of new knits from this season sales, but I must admit I miss some sunny days! (and warmer too!)

My favorite style is definitely boho style dresses...omg! I can't resist to a beautiful boho dress. 

You match up with some biker boots or any other ankle boots, a coat and you are ready to go! :D

They are pretty special when matched ip with fringed accessories and long thin necklaces.

I found these on SheIn and had to share with you! Love them so much! 

Beige Scoop Neck Pleated T-shirt Dress - Find it here

Dark Green Round Neck Pleated Babydoll Dress - Find it here.

Navy Long Sleeve Vintage Print Dress - Find it here.

White Long Sleeve V Neck Styles Ruffle Dress - Find it here.

Red V Neck Long Sleeve Pleated Dress - Find it here.

Army Green V Neck Pleated Dress - Find it here.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition

Be amazed with this Alberta Ferretti limited edition fall-winter 16-17 video! A short movie by Luigi & Iango tells a love story where the real protagonists are the démi-couture dresses by Alberta Ferretti.

♥ kiss

Friday, January 15, 2016

Seriously MANGO?

I don't mind at's not nice MANGO...not nice!

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

IKEA (dream) Dressing Table

Don't want to be repetitive but....have I told you I'm about to have THE dressing table from IKEA? :D

And of course, till then I'm searching for decor inspirations. Who can resist to a beautiful decor dressing table? If you are on a lazy day you find the energy to put up some makeup and start the day with a new energy!

I'll leave you with some of my favorites of decor for the HEMNES IKEA Dressing Table. Hope you like them!

♥ kiss

Friday, January 8, 2016


Blanco Jogging Cheviot Pants

Pull&Bear Jumpsuit

Pull&Bear Scarf

Sales bargains! (couln't help it! ahahah)

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sales sales sales...

Oh well... for the first time I don't have an enormous list to show you. Because some things change! I decided to make some changes for this new year. Onde of them is, buy less and buy better.

I decided to be less impulsive and invest in great quality. I'm tired of clothing that looks kind of cheap, or get wearing signs after wearing them 2 or 3 times. I want to have pieces (like I already have some and I can tell the diference) that look really good. When you look and you can see right away that is a quality item and it looks...NICE!

So I decided to buy a nice coat, because my old camel coat needs a peaceful funeral! ahahah

It will arrive today (long live online shopping!) and later if I like it I'll post a look in the weekend.

♥ kiss

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The best foundation you will ever try!

This is not a makeup blog. NOT AT ALL!! But I always like to share my (great) findings (in this case with a little help of a makeup blog friend) when they really surprise me.

You may not know but I have those undesirable darker areas in my face. Sometimes called melasma.

A friend showed me Emily's youtube channel and I became a fan in the next minute. She is so adorable and fun to watch!

Since I'm so far from being a pro about it, I started to watch basic videos and of course, the one about my problem, which is also her problem, catch my attention. Thank's to her I found the one and only best foundation I ever tried. I use much much less product and get a perfect coverage. Before, I always end up putting so much corrector before foundation that I almost covered my entire face to get the minimum coverage I needed. Now with one thin layer I get the coverage I need and use corrector only where it is supposed to use, under my eyes! (my baby is killing me with the NOT SLEEPING thing).

The foundation is Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body SPF16. I bought it for a really nice price at Lookfantastic (only  €32,30) around Black Friday or Cyber Monday, can't remember (It was some crazy days!!), but you can find it now for just €35,95. It may seem not THAT cheap, but believe me, you will save on corrector and on the quantity of foundation you need to use everyday, and even better than that... RESULTS! 

I ordered the same color she uses on the video, and it was top spot! as I predicted we have a similar skin color tone and the results were amazing! 

Foundation - Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body SPF16
Foundation Brush - H&M
Sponge - Beauty Blender

I'll put her video here, but don't forget to visit and follow her youtube channel. She really rocks!

Anyway, these past weeks, thanks to my dearest friend Mónica I'm getting a LITTLE BIT addicted to make up. Even my sales shopping is reflecting this new addiction... I'm saving money to get my (lovely) IKEA dressing table ♥ 

♥ kiss