Thursday, January 28, 2016

SheIn is rockin'!

Ordering from SheIn is not a first for me. A wile ago I've ordered this loooovely cardigan. I was really happy when I got it. It's soft, comfy and SUPER stylish! No matter how simple your outfit may be, you add it and it gives a really nice up to the look. I love it and wear it a lot since then, and it stills look good, so considering the time that has passed since I bought it the quality truly worth the price. It was one of those good surprises.

You can still find the coat here - and now you have it in burgundy which I also love it! It fits better if you are small size.

And they are doing a bunch of "Round up's" of season promotions that really worth it! I'm considering to use them myself :D

Here you have the codes:

♥ kiss


  1. I like your blog :)