Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Extension your attention!

Don't you just looooooove celebrity hair? They always look fantastic and long and sexy?

And then when you think "I want to let my hair grow" you end up having to cut it way before it gets "longer" and month after month you never get to that gorgeous long good looking hair.

I feel the same way too. I wait... then the hair starts to loose properties and I have to cut it. It gets shorter, then I wait again...and so on.

But the secret of many is pretty extensions! As simple as that. I grabed some examples on the internet.

CRAZYYYYY right?!!! :D

Then I met hair weave extensions! They are all made of human hair. The quality is carefully certified. Really nice actually.

These were my favorites, the ones I might try out someday ;)

You can find all their human hair weave selection here.

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

♥ kiss

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