Friday, March 25, 2016

Forever 21 Europe...SALES!

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

Unfortunately, personally, I can't take that offer of 40% because is only valid too USA :(

BUT European site has free shipping! (and for what I could see has better discount on sales items...)

These where my choices. Can't wait to get them! 3 knit sweaters, a striped long sleeve and a cute top for just €35! Really nice!

One of the sweaters (the first one here) I already have in 4 colors and lucky me the color that was still available was the one I did not have, light blue. This might sound crazy but they are really nice and really cheap! I love them all. I have the feeling that since I have them I haven't whore any other knits! ahahah 

Pre-Winter Sale at FORZIERI.COM

♥ kiss

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