Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Forzieri VIP sales

Going crazy with these VIP sales!


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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Little Red Riding Boots

I fell for these some months ago. I first decided not to buy them. I was I a tremendous (!) effort to stop spending money on clothing like "crazy".

But fall is coming and I can't take it anymore! I really love them...

They are from Bershka, which is positive!! (low budget) and will last enough the time "red boots" will be a trend. When they are all warned out the trend is probably over. 

Red Ankle boots - BERSHKA

We all agree, red boots, high knee or ankle knee is a must have this fall/winter. I leave you with some ideas I found around the web. USA

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Prom dresses! Now and always!

Today I bring you another “walk” through Aisle Style Prom Dresses (loooove it!). After being introduced to Aisle Style back in 2015, every now and then I go there to inspire my soul even when "nothing happens" (mom drama!!).

Aisle Style Prom Dresses 2017 collection is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Every girl dreams with the perfect prom dress. I remember being so anxious about if I would be as pretty as any other girl. If the boy I liked would notice....oh well...teen dramas!! ahah

Of course, now I look back and see it from a different perspective, but I have to admit, the anxiousness to have the perfect dress for the perfect party still there :)

Some dream with a long prom dress, others dream with a short prom dress... anyway, it has to be BEAUTIFUL!

I have a small crush for red prom dresses :D 

You can go bold! :D

Or you can go simple but sexy ;)

Or add some cuttenessssss (sweeet! love that little bow)

But my favorite of them all!!! Is this one <3 You can't beat the simplicity and charm of this dress. I totally love it! Hope some weeding crashes in so I could wear such perfection!

This is a sponsored post, all image selection, comments, content and opinions are honest and only mine.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


A simplicidade das peças da MAHRLA é deliciosa. 

Com design clean, bons materiais e fabricada em Portugal (!!!) tem tudo para ser um sucesso!

Eu passo a vida a BABARRRR nas peças da MAHRLA, mas ainda não me aventurei numa compra!!

Deixo umas sugestões, já que podem adquirir algumas das peças através da plataforma online Mintysquare, onde podem encontrar um MUNDO de marcas giras giras, e Porttuguesas!!

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Santa was good to me! (AND to Michael Kors...)


I haven't had a Christmas like this for a loooooong looooong time. Because what really matters was present (health and love) It always feel that gifts are overrated. I can never say "I want this" or I "want that" "for christmas".

Everyday I have everything money can't buy, so It's always a challenge to just go a choose "something" just because "you have too"!

It was a good (but tough) year, so my husband decided to exceed my expectations and gave me a Navy Blue Small AVA from Michael Kors.

This is the Taupé version, which I wouldn't mind to have also ahahah

But Small AVA went to my wishlist "virtually", which means I never had my hand on one, so when I got it...I was not happy. It was too big (although XS is a bit smaller than desired) which got me in a interest conflict!

Day after Christmas we went to exchange it. When we get there...tons of models and colors on sale! I could not believe my eyes! ahahah

For the same price, I bought a small SAVANNAH in pink and the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E AVA XS in burgundy * heart eyes * ...and even got a gift card with the €11 remaining...

You can find your own XS Crossbody AVA from FORZIERI here (click on image):
And the SAVANNAH Small model here (click on image):

Mine is pink, but I find this in burgundy really really lovely too.

Actually I feel in love with this model that day (and with AVA XS too) I would have one of each color if I could! Because it as the P-E-R-F-E-C-T day to day size (in my opinion of course!) not loosing that "supercute" design.

About the watch....well that was "another" turn off.

My dad decided to buy me this one....
Which for me was like a biiiiig nooooo :/

So there I go choose another one! I wanted a small size one, because I already have a "big one" (here).

Turns out that I did not had much to choose from...

I love the Bradshaw Stainless Steel in Pink and Yellow gold tone, but unfortunately it does not exist in small size (SNIFFF).

I end up deciding for this one (not rose gold because my "big one" is rose gold, and I "needed" a gold tone watch)

I'm really happy with my Christmas gifts. They are all great items.

Short note: I also received an [awful] GANT sweater, I tried to choose something else from GANT... I gave up! Brought something for my "big" sweetheart. He loved his new knit and I was happy for both of us.
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Friday, January 6, 2017

Coats! Coats! COATS!

Durante a minha O-D-I-S-S-E-I-A a procura do #sobretudoquemetinacabeçaquequeriacomprar (farei um post mais tarde sobre isso) continuei a cair de paixão pelos casacos de pelo. São todos tãooo adoraveis! Tenho um da H&M que ADORO!

Esta estação sem dúvida que um casaco de pêlo é obrigatório. Seja castanho básico ou as cores em modo unicórnio, tens de ter um!

Ainda não tens? Não tem problema! Porque eu encontrei uns girissímos :D

During my O-D-I-S-S-E-Y looking for my "dream coat" (will post about it later) I feel in love with tons of faux fur coats. I have one, from H&M. It's super cute!

This season having a faux fur coat is a MUST HAVE.

You don't have one yet?! No problem! I've found some gorgeous faux fur coats just for you :D




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I'm back... to sales season!

Hi!!! Long time no see!! :D

As you all know how I loooove a good sales season. Buying cheaper and good findings are a thrill to me!

But this year I behaved.... at least until now!! (Let's see what is waiting for me the next 2 months!)

Until now I only bough 2 cashmere turtle neck sweaters (basic stuff) and...after several "challenges" of behaving! (can't believe that I did it! you know...behave!) I only bought a coat.

Yes... A SINGLE COAT (props to me!!)

So here it is :)

Oh yessss It's lovely isn't it? Love it! You can find this Miss Selfridge pink coat here.

Happy shopping girls!!

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